Apples to Apples

“How do I get an apples to apples repaint proposal?”
We often hear people say, “It’s just paint!”, but an exterior repaint project can be a very detailed process. Getting proposals on par with each other is the first step to making an exterior repaint process a smooth one for you!
Here are a few tips to get you off to a great start:
  • Choose a paint supplier (Dunn Edwards, Sherwin Williams, Behr, or PPG).
  • Once you’ve decided, we can connect you with the supplier.  They will visit your community and write a paint specification for the project. They will help you decide:
    • Paint warranty you will need: 3-year, 5-7 year, 7+ year warranty.
    • Will there be a color change? (The paint supplier can help you with color choices and renderings.)
    • All items to be painted (and any excluded items).
    • Areas that need attention – stucco flaking, peeling or deterioration; drywall issues, rusted iron, etc…
    • When you want/need to repaint (budget bid or a pressing project).
    • Site walk date with qualified paint contractors (you can choose these or ask for referrals from the paint supplier).
    • Request for Proposal due date.
Having a paint supplier specification on hand will allow for clear and set details, which are given to each bidding paint contractor so you get bids that are apples to apples.
Indigo wants to be your exterior repaint company choice, so making this process easier for you is our first step in working together!
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