Exterior Repaint

Indigo has been the leader in transforming multifamily communities and commercial properties in Arizona and beyond: over 2000 completed projects over 23 years, ranging from bustling shopping centers, industrial centers, and apartment communities of all designs. Our expertise lies in the art of making the old look new again! With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of each project, we bring a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to breathe life back into your property

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Commercial Repaint

From retail centers, industrial warehouses, parking garages, and office buildings – our managers and crews are experts tackling difficult access properties and adhering to restricted working hours. We are well-equipped to handle projects of any complexity and client needs.

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Multi-Family Repaint

Over the past decade, Indigo has successfully repainted and revitalized more than 10,000 apartment units across hundreds of communities throughout Arizona and Western states. Our expertise extends to a variety of building styles, including garden-style, mid-rise, and high-rise buildings. With our deep knowledge of current color trends and expert application methods, we ensure that all our multi-family communities maintain a fresh and new looking appearance.

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HOA Communities Repaint

Our expertise taking challenging homeowner association exterior repainting is what separates us from the pack. We thrive in tackling the challenges of extremely difficult access, ensuring that no building is beyond our reach.

By utilizing equipment and meticulous safety planning, we can take on the projects that others won’t touch.

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Hospitality Repaint

Whether it’s refreshing the modern aesthetics of city hotels, capturing the unique charm of boutique resorts or Sedona, or maintaining the luxurious ambiance of the grand resorts in Scottsdale and Tucson. Our team understands the importance of not interfering with the guest’s experience while beautifying the property for future guests.

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